About us


AB3 ARTWEARLTD.is the creation of the American
artist Adell Blackmon III who,as an offspring of the Jazz
and Blues environment of Saint Louis,combines music
and art in a visual way.As Jazz uses the offbeat and Blues
tempo Adell uses the counter-space as prime element
of his art.His color schemes shows the tonalities of downtown
music clubs.His paintings are music themselves.

The idea for AB3 ARTWEARLTD. came when Adell in 1993
was working on his exhibition at Saint Louis University.
He was wondering what clothes to wear at the opening-
what outfit might fit his art.When he could not come to a decision
he realized his clothes had to become pieces of art themselves.
So he created his first personal art wear.That's why AB3 produces
art wear not only for himself but for everyone who loves art.